Preserved lemons


My neighbour dropped over some lemons and cucumbers the other day. I was especially chuffed to hear the story about where they came from. Basically neighbour A has a beautiful garden full of lovely fruit trees and some vegies. Neighbour B next door is a gardener but is always too tired at the end of the day to have a veggie garden but wants one. Neighbour A doesn’t have much room in his own yard for more veggies so he offered neighbour B to put in a veggie patch. Neighbour A runs his hose into neighbour B’s garden and has put in a massive veggie garden and neighbour’s A & B eat the veggies. Neighbour B also has a lemon tree and excess lemons so neighbour A is sharing them around to other neighbours like me. They also had way too many cucumbers so I luckily got some too. My cucumbers got shredded early in the season by my chooks so I have a shortage this year so I was very grateful for them.

Preserved lemons

Sterilise some jars. Wash the lemons well and dry them. Cut off the end of the lemon that was joined to the tree. Then quarter them but leave about 1cm uncut at the other end so that the quarters stay together. Split open and add 1 tablespoon of sea salt in the middle of the lemon. Press the lemons into the jar and push down firmly. Repeat with all the lemons and stuff until the jar is full. Then submerge the lemons with lemon juice. Make sure the lemons are completely submerged, a small sterilised jar can be used to hold the fruit down. Put on lid and seal. Then put jars on a plate or on tray to catch any oozing lemon juice. Open the jar each day for a few days to let out the pressure as it will be fermenting. Store for at least a month before using. It’s ready when the rinds are soft. To use scrape out flesh and just use the rind.

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